Pennsylvania Lake Erie
Charter Captain Association

Lake Erie Charter Fishing from Erie, PA

The advantages of charter with a PLECCA Captain:

      Your PLECCA Captain is a professional, experienced person on Lake Erie. United States Coast Guard licensed, Pennsylvania licensed charter operator and is required by PLECCA membership rules to meet all Federal and State Laws concerning equipment and safety standards for his passengers. The boat you will be fishing on is a sea worthy Sport fishing vessel, with quality equipment to help make your outing a success. It is much safer and less expensive to charter a well-equipped charter boat then to invest in your own boat and equipment. You not only get a well-equipped charter boat; you get a Captain whose expertise and experience will help assure a successful outing each time. Erie, PA has a unique fishery due to the depth of Lake Erie in our area, we have the central basin with the 1st and 2nd trench and the deeper eastern basin with the east mountain. This gives us a great opportunity here. We have a good fishery for: Walleye, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Salmon and Trout. Erie, PA is the place to be, the boat fishing starts as soon as the water starts to warm in the spring. This is due to the water temperature, location of bait fish and spawning of the fish species. As the water warms each species of fish find their preferred temperature zones, as this occurs your PLECCA Captain will seek out theses areas for the species of fish you are angling for. June through September is our Walleye season here with average Walleye being 2 to 5 lbs. and a "hawg" of a Walleye isn't uncommon in the 8 lb. + range. Though the Walleye and Perch are excellent table fare, they don't posses the hard shaking strikes and heart stopping leaps compared to Steelhead Trout or the stubbornness of a chunky Smallmouth Bass when hooked and fought. I'm sure if you give Lake Erie; Erie, PA a try with a PLECCA Captain you won't be disappointed. When inquiring about Erie fishing, ask for the best times to pursue your favorite species of fish. Your experienced PLECCA Captain will do the best for you.

      Your PLECCA Captain can arrange: multi boat charters for large outings, catered charters, taxidermy service, and information on local motels and camping. Let us customize a charter to fit your needs.

      Not so far from home, Trophy fishing of a lifetime can be found upon the Pennsylvania waters of Lake Erie. Let me also mention, Erie, PA is a very good area to visit or vacation time.

      PLECCA Captains offer a good time fishing Lake Erie with friends and family.

"Why go anywhere else?"

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